Why "third culture"?

Anyone with experiences outside of the culture in which they grew up understands this idea: that balancing two different worlds results in a unique fusion of both - a third culture.


The space between light and dark, order and chaos, reality and imagination - these are the places where indescribable magic occurs.


 Third Culture Ensemble creates that in-between space. We take classical music beyond the traditional concert halls, its home base, into unconventional spaces. Navigating different worlds, our musicians explore the rich connections with audiences and communities that can occur in contexts beyond those in which they were trained. This experience we hope unites the lives of all that are involved, both sides of the stage, both the musicians and audiences.

Since our initial concert, we have seen faces light up during the performances at places such as the City Mission Laura's Home for women and children. Our performances have brought groups of people together who would otherwise never be sitting face-to-face in the same space, enjoying the beauty of music together. However fleeting the musical moments we create may be, what lasts beyond the notes are the conversations sparked, stories shared, and the relationships formed through our shared experience. Through meaningful exchanges between the performers and the audience, music becomes a cultural bridge that brings people together and reaffirms our shared humanity.